Success at Centenary

When you attend Centenary University, you are part of an entire community that embraces a shared responsibility for your success. Part of your success can be attributed to our EI2 Life System. With it, we focus on your Emotional Resilience, so that you can tackle anything that life throws at you; your Intellectual Curiosity, so that learning is a lifelong passion that sets you apart; and finally, your Intercultural Competence, so that you understand and embrace the exponential value of the differences in people that make each of us unique contributors to society.

We understand that attending college is a large commitment of time and money. We do everything possible to make sure your investment pays off with a high-quality education and big-time career opportunities.

96% of Centenary’s graduates are employed or in graduate school.

The success of Centenary students extends well beyond the classroom.  An astounding 96% of Centenarians, compared to a national rate of 69%, have jobs or are attending graduate school within a year after graduation and 81% of those employed graduates are working in their field of study.  Why is that the case? It is because a Centenary education focuses on the development of our students as a whole. Centenarians are equipped to thrive professionally and personally well after Commencement.

Centenary’s four-year graduation rate is second among private schools in New Jersey, behind only Princeton University.

A strong support network is in place for our students from the moment that they step foot on campus. This is the reason why – Centenary University has one of the highest four-year graduation rates in the State of New Jersey at 61%, compared to a national rate of 39%. This is great news for families who are trying to keep costs down.  In addition, it is an advantage to the graduating students who are able to enter the workforce into their chosen field in a timely manner.

How do we do it?

With 60+ career-focused degree programs, internships, work-study and study abroad, Centenary offers the same opportunities as big universities, with a small-school approach. We provide individualized attention for each and every student. That includes:

  • Renowned Faculty: Our faculty includes nationally recognized researchers and academics, and more than half of our professors hold doctoral degrees. They have come to Centenary because they truly enjoy teaching and interacting with students in classes that almost always have fewer than 20 students.
  • Admissions Support: Some of the reasons why a Centenary student is equipped for success include student advisor involvement and strong support from the Office of Admissions. From the moment a Centenary student commits to enrolling at the institution, admissions counselors provide concise information on courses that need to be completed each year in order to earn their degree. Advisors also provide students with clear direction regarding how to graduate within four years even when a student decides to change his or her major.
  • First-Year Experience Program: In addition, Centenary’s First-Year Experience Program is designed to teach our students time management skills.  Each first-year student is assigned an upper-class peer who is called a First-Year Leader.  The First-Year Leader helps guide the student through the adjustment to college life and academic expectations.
  • Academic Advising: Our Academic Success and Advising Center offers academic coaching, time management training and career coaching for any student who needs extra help. Similarly, our Writing Collaboratory can help you take on the challenges of college-level writing, while becoming a better critical thinker.
  • Career Advisement: Our full-time Career Development Center can match you with internships that will prepare you for your dream career. The “Four Year Plan” covers everything from mock interviews to graduate school applications to LinkedIn account creation and resume drafting.

When you commit to attending Centenary, we commit to making sure your time here is a success.

“I loved my experience at Centenary University. It was an academically enriching experience and I could not imagine pursuing my degree anywhere else. ”

Kaylee Donahue, a Centenary alumna who majored in Communication with a minor in Equine Studies
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