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All students, faculty, administrators, staff and other members of the Centenary University community who park on campus are required to register their vehicle and obtain a valid parking decal to be displayed at all times.

These regulations are designed to improve parking conditions and safety concerns for the Centenary University Community. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Parking Permits – Requirements & Fees

All Residents – $115/semester

Graduate Students & Commuters – $31/semester

If you decide to bring your vehicle mid-semester, you must purchase a parking decal for the current semester at full price.

Students who fail to register their vehicle and obtain and valid decal will be subject to a fine and/or potential loss of parking privileges on campus.

For questions regarding parking permits please contact the Office of Student Life.

General Parking – Main Campus

For your convenience, all Centenary University students and guests are encouraged to park in these areas:

  • Founders Parking Lot (21)
    Located at the rear of campus. Accessed from Third Avenue via Grand Avenue next to Tannery Field.
  • Special Visitor Parking Lot (19)
    Located next to the David and Carol Lackland Center for Performing Arts.
  • Reese Avenue Lot (20)
    Freshman parking only. Located in the back of campus.

Reserved Parking – Main Campus

All Centenary University faculty and staff are encouraged to park in these areas:

  • Students, Campus Visitors and Theater Guests – Founders Lot
  • Handicapped Parking – Brotherton Lot
    Located adjacent to Reeves Gym and Brotherton Hall, accessed from Plane Street.
  • Faculty/Staff Parking – Anderson Lot
    Located next to Anderson Hall, accessed from Plane Street. An additional bar code decal is required to activate the entrance gate.
  • Executive Staff Parking – Smith Lot
    Located behind Smith Hall and the Seay Building. This is reserved for Executive Staff.

Street Parking – Main Campus

Effective January 2007, Hackettstown enacted a parking ordinance that affects street parking between the hours of 6:00 a.m. Monday mornings through 7:00 p.m. Friday evenings.

Overnight parking is not permitted on any street in Hackettstown between October 1st and May 1st.

Only Hackettstown residents with a town-issued parking permit will be allowed to park on the designated streets. All other vehicles will be in violation of the town parking ordinance.

The only areas where street parking is permitted without a town parking permit are Moore Street and Jefferson Street on the university campus side only. Parking on the residential

side of these streets will be in violation of the town parking ordinance.

Parking on the following streets is not permitted for anyone without a resident parking permit issued by the Town of Hackettstown.

  • Moore Street – Both sides from Madison Street to Jefferson Street.
  • Church Street – South side from Madison Street to Jefferson Street.
  • Plane Street – South side from Monroe Street to First Avenue.
  • Monroe Street – Both sides from Grand Avenue to Center Street.
  • Jefferson Street – Both sides from Grand Avenue to Moore Street and west side from Plane Street to Center Street.
  • Beatty Street – East side from Grand Avenue to Moore Street.
  • First Avenue – East side from Plane Street to Eastern Terminus and west side from Reese Avenue to Eastern Terminus.
  • Fourth Avenue – Both sides the entire length.
  • Reese Avenue – First Avenue to Fifth Avenue.

Off-Street Parking – Tannery Field

The parking areas around Tannery Field are prohibited.

Any vehicles parked there will be subjected to summonses and/or towing. This restriction is a Town of Hackettstown ordinance and is enforced by the Hackettstown Police Department.

Campus Map

Enlarge, download or print Centenary's campus and parking map.