Academic Success
& Advising Center

The mission of the Academic Success and Advising Center is to provide resources for students to become successful independent learners.

The Academic Success and Advising Center, located in the Harris and Betts Smith Learning Center, is the primary source of academic support programs on campus. Students can request  academic coaching appointments for topics such as:  goal setting, time management, study strategies and various other academic skills.  Our Disability Services and Office of Veteran Services departments also provide support services to our Centenary students and are located within the Academic Success and Advising Center. Due to Covid-19 some of these services are only being provided virtually so you are encouraged to reach out before coming in for support.

The Academic Success and Advising Center holds a variety of success strategy workshops each semester.  These workshops teach students strategies to improve their organizational skills both inside and out of the classroom. For more information, visit our workshop website.

The Academic Success and Advising Center is available to assist all students in achieving their fullest academic potential through the personalized attention each student receives.  Every student is recognized as an individual.  All of the services provided are free.

In an effort to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing, the Academic Success & Advising Center will be providing all services remotely for your convenience. Please see below the ways to access these services as well as key points of contact for any questions or concerns.

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Primary Points of Contact:

Academic Success

General Requests: (Please email)

Withdrawal/LOA Information/Paperwork

Michelle Meyer, Dean for Academic Success
Academic Coaching, incoming student advising, policy/procedure or general questions/concerns

Elizabeth Vega, Administrative Coordinator
-Progress Reports, general questions/concerns

Lindsay Galasso, Student Success Specialist
-Registration Assistance, Academic Coaching, general policy/process questions/concerns

Abbie Davis, Assistant Director of Academic Success and Advising
-Tutoring inquiries, Academic Coaching, ELL support services, Academic Probation

Disability Services

Michelle Meyer, Dean for Academic Success
-DSO Documentation, Project Able/Step Ahead application and recruitment questions, general questions/concerns

Lauren Kreeger, Director of Disability Services    
-DSO documentation, Testing Accommodations, Note-Taking Accommodations, general questions/concerns

Office of Veteran Services

Margie Pavlichko, Director of Veteran Services
-Any veteran services related questions

Thank you!

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