Fall 2023 Advising Days

To be held by individual appointment.

Incoming first-year students should plan to participate in an Advising Day to schedule their courses, meet with faculty and staff, complete necessary paperwork, and prepare for their academic journey at Centenary. (Transfer students should contact their transfer enrollment counselor).

Advising Session Options

  • Remote Session Option — Students will be meeting virtually with the Centenary team and utilizing their own laptop or tablet to attend their appointment and officially register for classes.
  • On-ground Session Option — Students will be attending their advising appointment on Campus to officially register for classes. All students will meet in the Harris Betts Smith Learning Center, located in the center of campus next to the Library. (Parking is located in the main lot at 715 Grand Ave., if you need disability parking closer to the location, please advise us in the notes when you schedule)

Register Now

A confirmation email will be sent once the appointment is scheduled based on the date and time selected. Be sure to check your email regularly (we will use the email you sign up with as our initial point of contact).

Note: All students should be in attendance 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time (either virtual or on campus).

Important Information

Please read the information below BEFORE scheduling your appointment.

For All Students:


  1. Submit your deposit! All students must submit their deposits prior to signing up for an Advising Day Session. Failure to submit will result in forfeiting your appointment. If you have not yet submitted your deposit, please click here. If financial circumstances make payment of the enrollment deposit difficult, contact the admissions office (908-852-1400 x2217) to discuss your circumstances.
  2. Your Centenary username and password: Please be sure that your new Centenary account is active and that you have enrolled in the password reset tool and set up your permanent password prior to your advising appointment. If you have trouble completing these steps, the Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 908-852-1400 x2000 to assist you!
  3. Health Requirements — Students are expected to complete all health requirements electronically on the student health portal (https://centenary.studenthealthportal.com) at least 2 weeks prior to their scheduled advising appointment.
    Note: All students are automatically enrolled in the University Health Insurance Plan and are assessed a fee for the policy on their term bill (the coverage is for a one-year period).  Students who are covered under private insurance may opt to decline this insurance coverage and waive this fee by completing the Insurance Waiver form by the designated deadline.  Requests for insurance waiver must be received by the term due date. (08-08-2023) This is also the date the student’s bill is due.  Missed deadlines will result in mandatory participation in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan and may also be subject to late payment fees.

For Some Students:

  • An online math placement exam: Required for the following majors: Science (all), Public Health, Education Math, Education Biology, Equine Science and Animal Health. This assessment will be available to students starting on May 1. Instructions will be sent to the email you provided on the Advising Registration Form. For further questions, please contact the Academic Success and Advising Center at academicsuccessforms@centenaryuniversity.edu  or 908-852-1400, ext. 2168.
  • Equine major or a non-major wanting to take a riding class: Complete the Riding Placement Form here:  Riding Placement Form – Centenary University and submit a riding video prior to May 1, 2023. Please note our staff cannot meet with you if a video has not been submitted and a riding placement issued by the Equine Department — no exceptions! Students should reach out to Tara Clausen at Tara.Clausen@centenaryuniversity.edu  with any questions on the Riding Placement Form and video submission.
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