At Centenary, we are committed to supporting international students, exchange students, and a diverse student body in achieving academic success.

Among these are Multilingual Learners (MLS) who use English in addition to other languages. These multilingual students bring unique languages and diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences to campus. At Centenary, we adopt asset-based approaches to support and engage multilingual students and to foster a linguistically inclusive and affirming campus for all.

We Achieve This By:

  • Fostering student agency in advocating for recognition of their multilingual skills
  • Supporting faculty and staff in better serving and uplifting multilingual students
  • Providing support in English language and communication skills used in higher education environments such as:
    • Speaking: Conversation practice, class discussion skills, pronunciation
    • Listening: Strategies to understand lectures or classmates, note-taking
    • Reading: Strategies to read class texts, vocabulary building
    • Writing: Analyzing assignments, organizing ideas, editing grammar


  • Help students become independent learners by analyzing assignments
  • Work towards English proficiency in writing and public speaking
  • Provide guidance with homework, course content, build background knowledge

Tutoring is offered in-person and/or virtually.

Academic Coaching:

  • Coach students on executive functioning skills such as goal setting, organization, prioritization, and time management
  • Teach active reading, study and test taking strategies
  • Helps students advocate for themselves

Conversation Partners:

  • Conversation Partners is a program that gives students an opportunity to learn about different cultures and perspectives, and practice their communication skills. Our goal is to help students feel competent and confident joining both academic and social conversations that are taking place all around them at Centenary. For more information or to sign up, please contact Christina Lenway at or 908-852-1400 ext. 2426

Community ESL Classes

Centenary University offers ESL classes to the community that targets English language development. Classes are available to adults in the community – free of charge. This is not a credit-bearing course.

The classes offer:

  • English instruction for native speakers
  • Information on community resources

The schedule for Community ESL courses is currently being discussed/decided and updated days/times will be posted here soon. For more information and to register, please contact Christina Lenway at or 908-852-1400 ext. 2426.

Community Resources:

Hackettstown Community Library

The Hackettstown Free Public Library offers a variety of programs, including the Language Exchange Cafe which is a free offering where native English speakers and native Spanish speakers get together to share stories, language, friendship, and coffee!

This program is sponsored by PEACENJ

Trinity House

Trinity House is a resource center for the Hispanic community and provides information including but not limited to: Organizations related to housing, apartments, food pantries, other organizations related to food immigration, postal and location clerks, related to passports, financial and legal assistance, organizations related to health care, vision and dental care, employment, childcare and parenting, social service organizations, transportation, government-related, utilities, and more…

212 East Moore Street
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Mondays and Thursdays 5-8pm and Sundays 2-5pm

New Jersey Asian American Association for Human Services 

Provides Human Services to Asian Americans in New Jersey. Programs & Services: Advocacy, Community Organizing, Counseling, Domestic Violence, Drug/Substance Use, Health Screening Services, Mental Health, Referral Services.

102-104 Greylock Avenue
Belleville, NJ   07109
Tel: 973-450-4443
Fax: 973-450-8434

International Institute of New Jersey (IINJ)

The IINJ is committed to the goal of helping people in transition from one society to another, especially those who have endured the ravages of war, persecution, and economic hardship. Programs & Services: Advocacy, Anti-Bias, Anti-Trafficking, Benefits/Entitlement Assistance, Case Management, Community Organizing, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, Counseling, Employment Assistance, English as a Second Language, Immigration/Citizenship Services, Mental Health, Referral Service, Refugee/Asylee Resettlement, Translation Services, Tutoring, Volunteer Opportunities, Cultural Adjustment, Cross Cultural Consulting.

1 Journal Square Plaza, 4th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Tel: 201-653-3888
Fax: 201-963-0252

The Boaz Community Corporation, Inc.

Boaz Community Corporation, Inc., provides high quality immigration legal counseling and education to those in need. Programs & Services: Family Law Advocacy, Anti-trafficking, Civil Rights, Community Outreach, Domestic Violence, Immigration/Citizenship Services, Legal Assistance, Voter Education and Registration.

5 Paterson St., Christ Church – 1st Floor
New Brunswick, NJ   08901
Tel: 732-220-1535

New Jersey Community Development Corp.

United Community Development Corporation of New Jersey, Inc. is a community-based, non-profit organization founded to advocate for equal opportunities for disadvantaged, low-income minority, and immigrant communities throughout the state of New Jersey. Programs & Services: Advocacy, Cancer, Civil Rights, Community Organizing, Economic Empowerment, Government Assistance, Immigration/Citizenship Services.

32 Spruce St.
Paterson, NJ   07501
Tel: 973-413-1600
Fax: 973-413-1640

New Americans Program

The New Americans Program mission is to provide resources, guidance, and educational opportunities that will enable New Americans to become economically self-sufficient members of, and to make positive contributions to, our communities. Programs & Services: Advocacy, Case Management, Referral Service, Directory of Social Service Agencies.

32 Ford Avenue
Milltown, NJ   08850
Tel: 732-247-3727
Fax: 732-247-9855

New Jersey Immigration Policy Network 

NJIPN is dedicated to a fair and humane immigration policy that ensures respect, dignity and justice for all newcomers to the United States – a policy that uplifts the life of the community as a whole. Programs & Services: Advocacy, Anti-Bias, Civic Engagement, Civil Rights, Community Organizing, Health Education, Legal Assistance, Low Wage, Public Health Promotion, Refugee/Asylum Resettlement, Volunteer Opportunities.

89 Market Street, 8th Floor
Newark, NJ   07102
Tel: 973-621-0031
Fax: 973-621-2297



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