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Successful students learn how to learn. Metacognition is the term that is used to describe how an individual learner can understand and articulate their own thought processes involved in effective learning. Successful students employ a number of various strategies to use their study time effectively.

Studying in College

How much study time is necessary?

Students are encouraged to spend about 2 -3 hours a week studying for every credit hour they are enrolled in.  A student enrolled in 16 credits should be spending 30 – 40 hours a week studying on their own.

What constitutes study time?

Study time includes:

  • Reviewing notes and rewriting them, if necessary
  • Completing reading assignments
  • Studying for quizzes and tests
  • Preparing homework assignments
  • Rehearsing presentations
  • Working on group projects
  • Attending tutoring, if necessary
  • Create study guides
  • Self-test on a regular basis