Academic Success at Centenary

The Academic Success & Advising Center assists students in acquiring skills and academic strategies that help them become successful learners, both inside and outside the classroom.

Successful students learn how to learn. Metacognition is the term that is used to describe how an individual learner can understand and articulate their own thought processes involved in effective learning. Successful students employ a number of various strategies to use their time effectively.

We hope you utilize the resources found on the “Workshops” and “Helpful Handouts and Strategies” links located to the right-hand side of the webpage.

  • Our workshops aim to cover topics that students often find challenging such as note-taking, test preparation, or time management.
  • Students also have access to a variety of handouts and helpful links including digital planners, assignment organizers, to-do list templates, note-taking information, and information on how to manage your time while working remotely or taking online classes.

For further questions or information about academic resources and strategies, please contact



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