Professional Tutor Bios

Carrie Frei

Courses: Fashion, mostly sewing and pattern-making. I really love using the Gerber program. Sign Language. I am not fluent, but I have taken both of the courses offered at Centenary and I enjoy learning new signs.

Cathy Keenan

Courses: Most Mathematics courses from College Math through Calculus, including Statistics

ELISA Destefano


Reading Comprehension, Writing, Research and Composing for: Social Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, History, English, College Writing, etc. (any course that does not require too much math)

emily rugys

Courses: I have successfully tutored students in the following academic programs:  Communication, Writing, Design; English, Literature; Environmental Science; Psychology; Sociology; Theatre Arts and Fashion; History; Criminal Justice; Marketing; and World Religions.

Maryann simmons

Courses: English Courses – Comp and Rhetoric, British Literature, American Literature, World Literature (all genres of literature for either class), Essay writing, grammar, mechanics, helping with papers for all classes. I can assist students with studying for tests/exams, taking notes, and outlining their ideas for research papers.

stephanie ciampoli

Courses: History, Political Science, World Religions, Sociology, and English Composition and Rhetoric

stacy siegel

Courses: Sociology, Criminal Justice, Various Statistics courses

tess horvath

Courses: College Math, Algebraic Modeling, Ecology, Anatomy & Physiology, Health Science courses

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