The Writing Collaboratory opened its doors in January 2012. Writing tutoring takes on a whole new form here.

All selected consultants are highly trained as a result of taking an intensive 16-week course where they become familiar with the theoretical aspects of Writing Center pedagogy and writing instruction. Our well-trained staff is dedicated to fostering confidence and positive attitudes toward writing through comprehensive, inclusive dialogue. Our philosophy is based on the idea that creating better writers is a collaborative effort. We encourage students to come prepared to have insightful discussions with consultants about ways they can improve as writers, not just for a given assignment. Inclusive dialog invites both parties (tutor and tutee) to engage in a conversation about writing that welcomes and embraces multiple concepts and processes all of which lead to shaping a “mindful” writer.  This is the core belief behind The Collaboratory and the key to the success of our students.

Services Offered

  • Face to face tutoring
  • Synchronous online tutoring via video chat
  • Asynchronous e-tutoring
  • Group tutoring sessions
  • Online handouts and resources available on the Writing Collaboratory blog
  • Evening workshops (follow us on Instagram @cuwritingcollab for announcements)
  • Individual class workshops (instructors and FYLs can email erin.andersen@centenaryuniversity to schedule)
  • Writing assignment reviews for instructors (instructors can email erin.andersen@centenaryuniversity for more information)

What to Expect

  • When students drop in or schedule an appointment, they can expect a comfortable, collaborative environment.
  • Bring your work in on a USB drive or laptop or as a printed copy to review with your peer tutor.
  • We help students become more effective writers by:
    • Making students aware of various writing strategies
    • Promoting critical thinking
    • Embracing diverse perspectives
    • Helping with any stage of the writing process
  • We help students with any type of writing, such as:
    • Research papers
    • Presentations
    • Cover letters, CVs, and resumes
    • Websites or other multimedia projects
    • Discussion board or blog posts
    • And many more!
  • We help students with writing in all subjects, including:
    • History, English, and other humanities subjects
    • Biology and other sciences
    • Business
    • Psychology, social work, and other social sciences
    • And many more!
  • An open space for any student to study in
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