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In order to ensure compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), the mission of the Disability Services Office (DSO) is to provide access to Centenary University’s facilities and programs.

Access is provided through a range of reasonable accommodations and support services to identified students that experience disabilities. The office also strives to serve as a liaison and resource to the members of the Centenary University community regarding disability issues.

Based on nationally regarded best practices, the Disability Services Office seeks to foster independence and to develop the self-advocacy of students with disabilities.

Disability Services Flyer

Support for Students with Disabilities

The Disability Services Office works closely with eligible students to arrange for reasonable academic and housing accommodations, which will afford each student the opportunity to participate fully in Centenary University’s services, programs, and activities.  Staff members assist students with arranging access to classrooms, developing learning strategies, and advisement with disabilities issues.

The Disability Services Office also offers two programs specifically designed to support students with learning differences who would benefit from academic coaching:

The goals of the Project ABLE and STEP Ahead programs are to provide a bridge between the structured and sometimes modified secondary-school setting to the predominantly self-directed university environment. Emphasis is placed on acquiring the skills needed to become an effective, contributing member of the university community. These services do not include emotional or behavioral intervention plans for in class or out of class settings. Centenary students must be otherwise qualified to attend the University and abide by the conduct policies of the institution.

Disability Services Resources

DSO Handbook

Application Process and Document Submission

Students applying for full-time admission can choose to apply for Project ABLE and STEP Ahead at any time during the application process. A decision of admission is determined independently of application to Project ABLE and/or STEP Ahead.

Students requesting accommodations, but not applying to Project ABLE and/or STEP Ahead, must use the Application for Accommodations.  In all cases, the application should be accompanied by documentation which outlines the disability for which accommodations are requested. The Application for Accommodations is available on the website, or can be mailed upon request by contacting the Disability Services Office at (908) 852-1400, ext 2168 or 2251.

Students applying for housing accommodations should request an application from the Disability Services Office based on the accommodation they are requesting. For incoming students, this application, along with supporting documentation, is due by June 30th. For current students, deadlines are based on the Housing Selection dates. A student can apply at any time, but availability becomes limited after deadlines.

Documentation should be:

  • Recent, in order to assess the current impact on academic functioning. In most cases, this means testing should have been conducted within the past three years.
  • Comprehensive, containing a diagnostic statement identifying the disability and establishing clear evidence of a significant impact on academic function.
  • Relevant to requested accommodations.
  • Prepared by a medical or other licensed and credentialed professional whose background should be matched with the disabling condition.

Because the provision of all reasonable accommodations and special services is based upon assessment of the current impact of the student’s disabilities on academic performance, it is in the student’s best interest to provide recent and appropriate documentation. For specific questions regarding documentation, contact the Disability Services Office for documentation guidelines.

Please submit all documentation and applications electronically to dso@centenaryuniversity.edu for a timely review.

Review Process for Project ABLE and STEP Ahead

Once all documents have been received, the Disability Services Office will review the information submitted. Applicants may be contacted to clarify information on documents. The student may also be asked to visit campus for an interview. Upon completion of the review, a decision will be emailed to the student on their University email address with a request to meet with a representative from the Disability Services Office to further discuss accommodations and the policies and procedures for utilizing these accommodations.