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Basic Procedures for Requesting Housing Accommodations

  1. Complete the Application for Housing Accommodations and Services. This can be picked up at the Disability Services Office or you can email dso@centenaryuniversity.edu to get a copy.
  2. Submit the application and any other supporting documentation that verifies functional limitations imposed by the disability(ies) that you identified in the application. If you need additional guidance regarding documentation guidelines, reach out to the Disability Services Office or refer to the Documentation Guidelines posted on the Disability Services Office website.
  3. The Housing Accommodations Committee will review your application and documentation and a representative from the Disability Services Office will discuss your disability-related accommodation needs with you.
  4. DSO will contact you to inform you of the accommodation(s) that have been approved. Notification will be sent to your Centenary email address.

*Note: You must pay your housing deposit and complete necessary paperwork for housing selection with the Office of Residence Life.

Applications for first-time students planning to attend Centenary for the fall semester must be submitted by June 30th.

The complete Housing Accommodations Policy can be accessed through the link below.

Housing Accommodations Policy