The ABD pathway component of the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program is designed for the student who may have completed his/her Doctoral or Educational Specialist coursework at another institution but was unable to enter the dissertation phase. There are many reasons why students remain at ABD status: including job changes, finances and particularly lack of institutional support. By transferring to the Centenary ABD Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership students have the option to complete their research and finalize their degree with an attenuated course load (usually 13-21 credits maximum, all individualized and delivered online/blended) and expert and caring guidance from the leadership faculty within the cohorts.

The ever-changing landscape of P-20 education is creating a demand for educational leaders with a wide breadth of experience and education. The ABD Pathway helps develop those leaders who may have been temporarily sidetracked, but are now ready to complete – sometimes in as little as one calendar year. Centenary University strives to develop leaders who will successfully guide educational institutions into an uncertain future. By understanding and appreciating the multiple constituencies and stakeholders that form communities, Centenary graduates will lead in a transformational style- not just to guide in a linear fashion, but to completely envelop the larger community into their mission. Mindful of the many resources under their care and direction, Centenary leaders will embrace challenges, build positive coalitions, craft and sustain positive change and create safe and stable environments for staffs, community, and public.

As a full-time husband, father, and Superintendent, Centenary’s EdD program has afforded me the opportunity to continue my Doctoral journey. The transfer process was seamless and the support I have received has been tremendous. My instructors have been patient, compassionate, and highly skilled. The EdD program has helped me gain both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of quantitative approaches in my Doctoral research. Centenary has provided me with an innovative and excellent program that has made me a better researcher and Superintendent. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to complete their Doctorate.

~Nicholas D.
Superintendent – Union Township Schools


In Spring 2021 I enrolled in Centenary’s new program designed for educational doctoral students like me who are in the dreaded ABD (all but dissertation) point of our research. I decided to make the transfer to Centenary because I was receiving little to no support from my previous institution. Before I was even enrolled, I received more time and attention from the people in the office of admissions and the program supervisors than I had ever received elsewhere. The staff at Centenary is extremely supportive, and the structure of the program has allowed for me to make real, tangible steps towards completion. I am extremely excited to continue my matriculation at Centenary!

~Amy B.


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