The culminating experience of the doctoral program is the dissertation. Dissertation is important research, preferably related to or embedded in an area of professional practice in which the student is currently engaged. Our experienced faculty and students know that good practices are driven by good research that is conducted with interests of the practitioner in mind. At Centenary, the dissertation process starts early in the program so students are supported by faculty and advisors as they develop their topics and devise their original research designs. Students are encouraged to select a topic that is meaningful to their jobs and occupations, and one that will provide valuable insights into the various problems of professional practice.

Following the classic format of five chapter dissertations, students introduce their problems/topics, do extensive research into what others have discovered about the topic, devise a scholarly research methodology, conduct their research and discuss the outcomes. A student selected dissertation chairperson and committee further support the student in this endeavor. The process culminates in a “defense” of the research in front of scholars and other invited professionals.​

See some of the innovative topics and designs that our students are investigating as part of their dissertation journey:



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