Nuts and Bolts of the Collaborative Relationship

PDS philosophy is “To create a learning community.” The program is designed to create learning communities that function as collaborative partnerships between a school/school district and a teacher preparation institution.

In doing so, the program offers win-win-win opportunities for P12-learners, pre-service teachers, and in-service teachers.

Currently Centenary University’s PDS program 50+ participating schools and/or districts.

To consider expanding the PDS program to your school:

  • Student teachers are placed in a school for a one year internship program
  • 1st semester-practicum, one day per week, two formal observations by college faculty
  • 2nd semester-student teaching, full time for 15 weeks, six formal observations by university faculty

Centenary University student teachers are encouraged to observe several teachers in addition to the assigned cooperating teacher.

Centenary University student teachers are encouraged to meet as a group to discuss professional growth experiences.

The number of student teachers in a school is typically 1 to 4.

Certified teachers,. educational services personnel, and aides who hold contract positions at participating PDS schools are eligible to receive a 35% discount for graduate education level programs and a 25% discount for the Ed.D. program.

Everyone Wins!

  • Pre-service teachers
  • Veteran (in-service) teachers
  • School Administrators
  • University Faculty

We would hope to run one or more graduate courses at your school for your teachers. We can run a course of your choice from our offerings, or offer courses leading to a graduate degree.

  • Graduate courses can run at the PDS school with as few as 4 participants per class
  • PDS administrators and teachers with appropriate credentials are welcomed as adjunct professors on campus or at the PDS (with Supt. approval)
  • PDS school personnel may participate in Centenary University workshops at 50% of the registration fee
  • PDS administrators are invited to membership on the Advisory Council of the Centenary University Education Department (2 meetings per year)
  • PDS personnel are invited to attend the Centenary University Education Forum (2 meetings per year)

Continually learning ways we can work together to promote learning.

After talking with Dr. Timothy Frederiks to discuss the program further, please provide the following information for our PDS listing:

  1. Name of school, grades served, name of district
  2. Name, mailing address, phone, e-mail, fax of:
    Contact person for courses at your site
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