Take a course at Centenary University

Thank you for collaborating with Centenary University to promote learning for your students, your teachers, and our student teachers.  As you know certified teachers and aides who hold contract positions at PDS schools are entitled to register for courses with the GED designation on the Centenary University Campus or at a PDS site for half the regular tuition.

The current semester tuitions and fees can be found on our Graduate Studies Tuition and Fees page here »

When registering for courses, please submit a completed registration form and a PDS Tuition Waiver form to the Registrar’s Office.

Directions to download the PDS Tuition Waiver Form

To access a copy of the PDS Tuition Waiver Form please log into My.Centenary and follow these instructions:

  1. Select the Forms & Documents link in the left hand menu.
  2. Select the link for Student Forms on the next screen.
  3. Select the link for Traditional Student Forms.
  4. Select the PDS Tuition Waiver form from the list of documents to download.

Take a Centenary course at your school.

In an effort to better accommodate teachers at PDS Schools, we offer courses at your school at the end of your regular school day. These courses follow the same schedule as on-campus courses, but are flexible to accommodate any special programs your school may be having. With permission of the principal, teachers from other schools may also enroll in courses offered at a PDS, for full tuition.

During the semester, several courses will be running at PDS sites. Now is the time to plan these courses. If your PDS school would like to continue or join this growing list of PDS Schools which offer courses at their own school site, please contact our PDS Coordinator Timothy Frederiks here.

Also, be in touch if you are interested in teaching a class. Courses can run with a minimum of four students.  Courses must be organized months prior to the semester start date.

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