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For students holding a master’s degree in Educational Leadership with a NJ Principal certificate, Centenary University offers a special 12-credit program that allows you to complete the coursework needed to earn your School Administrator certification from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Courses include:

  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Human Resources Management
  • School Administrator Internship

School Administrator licensure allows you to be employed as a Superintendent or Chief School Administrator or an Assistant Superintendent.

If you qualify, you can meet those course requirements through Centenary’s program by completing only four classes, including the required 150 hour internship class.


School Administrator’s Licensure

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Financial Aid

Being able to pay for attending college is no easy task. Located in the Seay Building, the Office of Financial Aid offers assistance to you and your parents to ensure that you have the financial resources to focus on your education.

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