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Expand your knowledge of financial issues and techniques and leverage this knowledge to become a leader in your field.

The Financial Studies Certificate explores fundamental financial concepts and strategies through the lens of a manager, an international corporation, and an entrepreneur. It provides a solid foundation and prepares you to thrive in an ever-changing financial world.

Credits earned through the Financial Studies Certificate program can be applied to your Self-Paced MBA or your 14-Month MBA should you continue your education. Ask your enrollment counselor for more information!

Note: This 15-week program is 12 credits and is eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Ask your enrollment counselor about the discounts you’ll receive in this program!

A Career with a Future

As you progress in your organization, understanding financial information and being able to conduct financial analyses becomes increasingly important. The Finance Certificate program builds your financial and business confidence. Even if your day-to-day responsibilities don’t directly concern equity or earnings, this program will help you understand and communicate how financial principles relate to your business.

Are You Ready?

To apply for our Financial Studies Certificate, we require:

  • A Bachelor’s degree.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • A personal statement.
  • A minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0

Apply now.

The Finance Certificate Courses

Financial Management
This course is a study of the control of the resources of business enterprises in order to maximize the value of the investment for the owners. Topics include the budgeting process, investment valuation and the cost of capital inventory and cash management and global activities.
3 Credits 

International Financial Management
This course considers financing in global markets and international business operations.  Topics address the stages of overseas expansion, consideration of the philosophy of multi-national organizations, currency conversion, the interest rate impact on multi-nationals, and the development of analytical skills to solve international business problems.
3 Credits | Prerequisite GBA-610

Finance For Executives
This course is designed for new financial decision-makers, those seeking deeper financial knowledge, and managers having profit/loss responsibilities.  Areas of study encompass corporate financial reports, qualitative analysis of financial statements, financial markets, alternative financing, evaluation methods, market reaction to financial decisions, and capital structures.
3 Credits | Prerequisite GBA-610

Entrepreneurial Financial Management
This course is designed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset for financial managers.  It is useful for those beginning a new business, start-ups seeking financing, and firms considering expansion.  Areas of study include financial, managerial, ethical and planning fundamentals, the development of entrepreneurial skills for making financial decisions, a perception of effective working capital management and risk management issues, and the role of venture capitalists, angel investors, crowdfunding and the Small Business Administration in financing.
3 Credits | Prerequisite GBA-610

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