What is the quickest way to complete my degree?

Bachelor Degree Completion

Centenary designed the undergraduate degree completion program to help traditional and accelerated degree students fulfill your academic requirements quickly and easily.

If you are an adult student looking to start or resume your studies, a degree completion plan will help you finish your degree. Your academic advisor can tailor a plan based on your individual needs.

Degree Completion Options

Students often ask, “What is the quickest way to complete my degree?”

Here are the bachelor degree completion program options available at Centenary:

  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) – Get college credit for knowledge acquired from work, school, or personal experience. It’s a valuable way to finish your degree.
  • Accelerated Online Courses – Take courses from the convenience of your home or office. Each course lasts only eight weeks. Courses are available to satisfy associate degree and bachelor degree completion programs.
  • Accelerated On-Ground Courses – Take an accredited undergraduate class one night per week for eight weeks instead of the usual two classes per week for fifteen weeks.
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