The Business Administration Minor is designed for non‐business majors with a minimum GPA of 2.0. To successfully complete the minor, students must complete all of the required courses with a grade point average of 2.000 or better.

Business Administration: Data Analytics

DAT 2001 Introduction to Data Analytics 2
DAT 2100 R for Statistical Computing 4
DAT 3000 Database Management 2
MTH 4300 Applied Regression Modeling 4
DAT 4000 Data Analytics & Visualization 4
Total 16

Business Administration: Management

BUS1001 Integrated Business Perspectives 4
ECO1001 Economics 4
BUS1010 Principles of Management 4
BUS3030 Organizational Behavior 4
And one of the following courses:
BUS3110 Operations Management
BUS3120 Human Resources Management 4
BUS3130 Individual and Team Management
Total 20

Business Administration: Marketing

BUS1001 Integrated Business Perspectives 4
ECO1001 Economics 4
BUS2010 Principles of Marketing 4
And two of the following courses:
BUS3410 Marketing Research
BUS4410 Sales and Sales Management 8
BUS4420 Advertising Management and Integrated Communication
Total 20

Social Media Marketing

BUS2050 Social Media Marketing 4
BUS3045 Digital Advertising 4
BUS3055 Digital Analytics 4
BUS4050 Social Media Strategy and Consulting 4
Total 16

Sustainable Practices

BUS 2090 Introduction to Sustainable Practices 4
BUS 3600 Sustainability Assessment & Reporting 4
ECO 2001 Environmental & Ecological Economics 4
BUS 4060 Sustainable Practices Capstone 2
Total 14

A certificate is also available in Data Analytics, Social Media Marketing and Sustainable Practices (14-16 credits, as above).

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