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Department Chair – Education and Mathematics

Dr. Timothy Frederiks
Assistant Professor of Education/Graduate Program Director and Co-Coordinator for PDS
Phone: ext. 2285
Email: Timothy.Frederiks@centenaryuniversity.edu 

Department Faculty

Dr. Cathleen M. Benedict
Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: ext. 2497
Email: Cathleen.Benedict01@centenaryuniversity.edu 

Dr. William Carpluk
Assistant Professor of Education
Phone: ext. 2280
Email: William.Carpluk@centenaryuniversity.edu

Lexis McCoy
Assistant Professor of Education/ Director – Master of Education in Reading
Phone: ext. 2276
Email: Lexis.McCoy@centenaryuniversity.edu

Dr. Erica McCrystal
Part-Time Faculty
ext. 2242
Email: Erica.McCrystal@centenaryuniversity.edu

Dr. Marianne Pratschler
Associate Professor of Education
Phone: ext. 2150
Email: Marianne.Pratschler@centenaryuniversity.edu

Dr. Simon Saba
Associate Professor of Education/Coordinator for On-line Master of Education
Phone: ext. 2269
Email: Simon.Saba@centenaryuniversity.edu

Kathy Turrisi
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: ext. 2321
Email: Kathy.Turrisi@centenaryuniversity.edu