Lynn Decker

“My student teaching experience is just amazing. I am having the time of my life teaching this semester. My time here at Centenary University has prepared me for the job to be done. My professors laid the ground work for a successful career in education. They taught me how to reach out to the students, to work collaboratively with other students, and to value my own capabilities so that I could be a confident and positive force in the classroom. They contributed to the teacher I am today.”

Ashley Hildebrandt

“I feel as though Centenary’s Education Department has given me all the tools I need to be a successful teacher. The professors have been such a great influence on my education, and I could not ask for anything better!”

Jeannette M. Petrulla

“The Education Department at Centenary University is superior in that students are well prepared to enter the teaching profession. All aspects of teaching, from writing lesson plans according to the NJ State Core Curriculum Standards, managing classroom behaviors, and practice teaching in the college classroom as well as in the actual classroom, are incorporated into the learning experience. The professors are skilled educators and share their expertise, knowledge, and classroom experience with their students in a small classroom setting. As a mother, this challenging program assures me that children are receiving the education they deserve from well-trained teachers matriculating through Centenary University’s Education program. I feel confident that my education at Centenary will provide me a successful career in teaching.”

Joe Rosamilia

“The Education program at Centenary University is well structured and thoroughly prepares students to become confident teachers at any grade level.  The instructors are all well qualified and experienced, and it is their willingness to assist students that makes becoming a teacher a reality.  The small class sizes and the individual attention given to each student in order to succeed will enhance the learning experience and is what sets Centenary University apart from other programs.”

 Dawn Sansevere

“The Education Department at Centenary University has given me the tools and confidence I need to be an informed teacher. The classes are structured to prepare us for just about anything we might encounter in the classroom. I would recommend Centenary University’s Education program to anyone thinking about becoming a teacher.”

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