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Students in any major may choose to enhance their professional communication skills and expand their opportunities for career positions and post-graduate and professional studies by earning a minor in Literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing.

The Literature Minor requires 16 credits of coursework in English beyond WRI 1001. To earn the minor, students complete ENG 1005 Introduction to Literary Analysis and 12 credits in their choice of any English and Writing courses at the 2000‐level or higher. A maximum of 8 credits may come from creative writing, professional writing, or Composition and Rhetoric courses.

The Creative Writing Minor requires 4 courses: WRI 2005: Introduction to Creative Writing; WRI 2040: Writing Poetry OR WRI 2041: Writing Prose;  WRI 3050: Form & Theory of Poetry OR ENG 3051: Form & Theory of Prose; and one Creative Writing elective.

The Professional Writing Minor requirements are: WRI 2100: Intro to Professional Writing; WRI 4180: Internship or Capstone; and any two courses from the following: Writing for Civic Engagement, Writing for a Digital World, Rhetorical Theory: The Rhetorical Tradition, Nonfiction Freelance Writing & Editing, or Writing for Public Relations.

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