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This program is offered through the collaborative effort of the Equine Studies department and the School of Natural, Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences at Centenary University. Completion of this major will satisfy the stringent requirements of most accredited veterinary schools in the US, Canada, and abroad. Each student is responsible for determining additional courses required by each specific veterinary program. This program is also ideal for students looking to pursue graduate degrees in any aspect of Animal Health. This curriculum uses the horse as an animal model, incorporating experiential learning into the curriculum immediately.  The fundamental principles and practical skills taught in this major provide an excellent foundation for individuals interested in any animal species.  Within the major, students have several opportunities to choose courses focused on a variety of species to ensure a well-rounded educational experience.  Potential animal science careers include:

  • nutrition
  • physiology
  • technology
  • biomedical research
  • the pharmaceutical industry.

x-raying a horse for animal health - equine pre-vetThis major is designed for the academically motivated student who is capable of maintaining a 16-credit semester course load over a four‐year period. Riding is not required for this major but is optional if time, space, and resources permit. All of the riding requirements and protocols can be found within the Equine Studies Department majors.

Students will be provided expert advisors to assist in their career development, research opportunities, and internships and/or experiential learning. There are many opportunities to work with the veterinarian on staff to provide routine and emergency veterinary care to the herd of over 100 horses at the Equestrian Center. Hours spent with the veterinarian on staff can be used to accrue practical hours required for vet school. Students enrolled in this curriculum are encouraged to participate in the Pre‐Professionals Organization which provides extracurricular education about the science‐based careers and graduate schools through meetings, guest speakers, and tutorials focused on graduate school applications.

Due to the academic rigor of this curriculum, it is strongly recommended that the applicant successfully complete Pre-Calculus or higher.

Transfer students, both internal and external, are welcome to apply. Accepted transfer students are not guaranteed that all courses/credits will transfer into this curriculum and that graduation from this major may be delayed due to an off‐cycle enrollment.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Animal Health: Pre-Vet Track

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