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Upper Indoor Arena
• 196’ x 86’
• New footing: EGC (European
Geotextile) mixed with coated
Silica Sand
• Organic dustless footing
• Directly connected to barn isles
• Ventilated
• Heated lounge viewing
• Handicap accessible with ramp
• Wireless internet access
Outdoor Arena
• 240’ x 125’
• All weather footing
• Lighted arena
• Stadium seating
• Enclosed judge’s booth
• Wireless internet access
USET Building
• 220’ x 100’
• New footing: GGT and sand mix
• Heating system
• Elevated judge’s booth
• Stadium seating
• Heated viewing from classrooms and lounge
• Attached classrooms/offices
• Multiple viewing areas
• Food services
• Handicapped accessible with ramp
• Wireless internet access
Derby Field
• Natural grass terrain
• Heights 2’ and up
• Natural cross country fences
• Bank & Grob
• Adjacent to pond with fountain
• Wireless internet access
Kraft Ceiling-Mounted Horse Walker
• 8 Horse capacity
• Covered entrance
• Rubber matted floor
• Wind screen
• Open interior
The facility is secured by fences and two electronically secured gates. All horses are monitored by faculty/staff around the clock, 365 days a year. The facility is routinely inspected for safety.

Interested in visiting the Equine Center?  Click here for directions.