Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship Program

TRAC offers therapeutic horseback riding and horsemanship lessons to riders of all ages with a wide variety of physical, emotional, sensory, and developmental challenges. Therapeutic riding teaches horsemanship and horseback riding skills to the participant while incorporating elements to enhance related goals, such as balance, strength, or sensory integration.

Sometimes referred to as “adaptive riding,” therapeutic riding is educational and recreational in nature. Riders participate in the motivating activity of horseback riding, which allows PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors and Instructors-In-Training a unique opportunity to reinforce life and educational goals in a dynamic, sensory-rich environment.

Benefits may include:

  • Physical – sitting on a moving horse causes the rider’s upper body to respond to the movement of the horse in a three-dimensional manner. The rhythm of 80 – 100 steps each minute stimulates reflexes and balance reactions in a unique way that can benefit strength, endurance and mobility.
  • Social-Emotional – the thrill of being seated on a horse or pony trained to respond willingly to the rider’s signals is a powerful benefit. Likewise, learning to care for the horse can support goals of positive social interactions and responsible personal behavior.
  • Cognitive – the rider learns to relate to the space of the riding arena including other riders, volunteers and special equipment, and interact with his horse to navigate safely. We can reinforce concepts from right/left differentiation to turn-taking and refined communication skills – all while having fun riding the horse!

Direct questions to Karen Brittle, Director of TRAC, at or 908-852-1400 x 2174.

Link to Participant Application Forms

Completed forms can be scanned and emailed to:

Faxed “Attention TRAC Program” to: 908-813-1984

Mailed to: TRAC Program c/o Centenary University, 400 Jefferson St., Hackettstown, NJ 07840.

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