Teach Out Plan


NAACLS requires the MLS program to have a “teach out” plan in case the program closes. Intentional closure of the Centenary MLS program will be communicated to all students immediately.

Prospective students:

  • Students will be informed that the program will not take a new cohort due to program closure.
  • Students will be advised about other Centenary degrees.
  • Program closure information will be posted on University website, including a link to NAACLS webpage of other accredited MLS programs.

Current students:

  • Students will be informed of program closure via email and FAQs posted on the website.
  • Students will be allowed to complete the current coursework.
  • MLS faculty will work with clinical sites and other MLS programs to facilitate completion of the clinical practicum.
  • A college official will be designated to clear students applying for the certification exam.

In case of disaster the college will inform students of a plan for continuation of their education as soon as that information is available. One example of a possible resolution may include transitioning on-campus students to an online learning environment to complete their courses.

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