Pre-Professional Advising Committee

The Pre-Professional Advising Committee’s mission is to mentor and evaluate students seeking to attend medical, dental, veterinary or other health-related programs. The Pre-Professional Advising Committee provides insightful evaluation and recommendation of a student based on documented academic success, community engagement and a formal interview.

Eligibility requirements for Committee letter of recommendation:

In order to apply for a Committee letter of recommendation, the student must have achieved the following minimum requirements:

  • Completed a minimum of 4 semesters at Centenary University (exception made on a per case basis)
  • Completed a minimum of four advanced science courses
    (e.g. Organic Chemistry I and II, Genetics, Microbiology, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Biochemistry)
  • Maintained a minimum Cumulative and Major GPA of 3.0
  • Participated in a minimum of 10 hours of documented Service or Community engagement

A student wishing to have a Committee letter sent on their behalf must meet the minimum eligibility requirements and submit a written request for such letter by September 1st for Fall Semester applications and by March 1st for Spring Semester applications. The letter of intent must be submitted to

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