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Protecting the Health of Our Community: This dynamic field of public health is critical in the development of programs to prevent injury and disease and to promote health and wellness in individuals, communities and society.

A B.S. in Public Health at Centenary University provides you with an interdisciplinary course of study using the critical topics of social and behavioral sciences, epidemiology, public policy, statistics and health sciences. This is a versatile degree that allows you to develop common public health knowledge and to concentrate on a specific area of particular interest, e.g., global health or community psychology. The public health-specific courses were developed in cooperation with leading public health officials to prepare you with knowledge of public health systems, research methods and data analysis and to utilize this knowledge in two internships during your junior and senior years. These internships in the public health sector will prepare you to create practical learning experiences by applying the knowledge and techniques acquired during the didactic courses.

Students at Centenary University have smaller class sizes, applied laboratory experiments and direct access to faculty. You are not just a student, you are a future colleague, future healthcare worker or researcher. Faculty take special interest in helping you reach your goals and dreams. With a rigorous course of study and practical experiential internships, you are prepared for a career right out of college.

Individuals who complete a Bachelor of Science in Public Health can work in a variety of settings, including community clinics, public health organizations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and corporations. Public health graduates are prepared to work as community health educators, epidemiologists, occupational health and safety practitioners, and environmental health technicians. Graduates can also use this degree to start a graduate degree in public health, or epidemiology, or pursue a medical degree when completing additional medical school requirements.

Professors and Experts

This Public Health major was built in collaboration with experts in the field, as well as companies creating modern solutions to public health concerns.

Dr. Russell Barbour, Public Health ExpertDr. Russell “Skip” Barbour
Faculty & Associate Research Scientist, Yale School of Public Health Dr. Barbour is the former Associate Director for Research Methods and Analysis at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA). He currently serves as a faculty member within Yale’s School of Public Health (Biostatistics) and was previously the Co-Director of Data Management and Statistical Analysis at CIRA. He earned his PhD from Yale University in Human Ecology.
Dr. Ajay Rangaraj, Public Health ExpertDr. Ajay Rangaraj
World Health Organization, LSHTM Dr. Rangaraj is a practicing physician and a consultant to the department of HIV, Hepatitis and STIs at the World Health Organization, Geneva. He played a pivotal role in developing the current WHO guidelines for treating HIV and communicating that information to world governments. Dr. Rangaraj is also a graduate of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, with a MSc in Public Health.
Dr. Craig FullerDr. Craig Fuller
Director, Medical Laboratory Science Program
Assistant Professor of Health Science
Dr. Fuller coordinates with regional hospitals and clinical sites to build relationships and partnerships for Centenary University students interested in the health sciences. Dr. Fuller earned his PhD in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology from the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh.
Dr. Keith MorgenDr. Keith Morgen
Associate Professor of Counseling
Director, Graduate Counseling Programs
Dr. Morgen publishes in the areas of trauma, prison-based mental health/addiction issues, and co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders, including the books Substance Use Disorders and Addictions (Sage) and Aging Behind Prison Walls: Studies in Trauma and Resilience (Columbia University Press).  Dr. Morgen is a former President of the International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors and a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in co-occurring psychiatric and substance use/addictive disorders.

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$100k 18% 1.9 million
Median annual salary for Healthcare Administrators Job growth in the Healthcare industry over the past 10 years New jobs projected to be added to the US Healthcare industry by 2028


“I loved clinical practice, but in public health, you can impact more than one person at a time. The whole society is your patient. ”

Dr. Tom Frieden
former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009-2017
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