In partnership with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Centenary expanded its lab space with the addition of the Environmental Science Center.  The Environmental Science Center, which features an innovative laboratory, classroom and faculty research space, serves as an experiential learning facility for students.

The Environmental Science Center provides students with:

  • Hands-on experience in the field, utilizing collection and analysis tools
  • Ability to conduct extensive research and complete biodiversity surveys of local biota
  • Place to take soil, water and air samples for testing
  • Ability to track growth rate and water quality of fish within the complex
  • Area for the complete behavioral observations of animals inside and outside the facility

The University and the Hatchery will continue to partner to support and preserve the goals of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.  Students will continue to have internships and volunteer opportunities at the Hatchery each semester; learning from experts on how to address wildlife management, operations of the facility and fish restocking efforts across the state.

Students studying at the Hatchery focus on the relationship between the environment and our daily lives, with particular emphasis on environmental quality, stewardship of the land, human health and how local actions impact the global community.  They have the opportunity to explore Principles of Environmental Science; Marine Biology; Environmental Field Sampling; Animal Physiology and Behavior; Ecology; and Earth Science courses at the new facility. Press release from the Environmental Science Center opening

Community Benefits through Public Outreach

In coordination with the Division of Fish and Wildlife, science and education majors manage a public outreach program.  The program opens the Hatchery for scheduled tours focusing on the environmental importance and the significance of the work performed there as well as learning about fisheries management while on an outdoor nature lesson.

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