Centenary University Alert

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Department Chair

Dr. Krassi Lazarova
Associate Professor of Physics
Phone: ext. 2252
Email: Krassi.Lazarova@CentenaryUniversity.edu

Department Faculty

Dr. Adriana Dinescu
Associate Professor of Chemistry
ext. 2263
Email: Adriana.Dinescu@CentenaryUniversity.edu

Dr. Craig Fuller
Assistant Professor of Health Science
Medical Lab Science Program Director
Phone: ext. 2409
Email: Craig.Fuller@CentenaryUniversity.edu

Dr. Ahmet Kukrek
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
ext. 2243
Email: Ahmet.Kukrek@CentenaryUniversity.edu

Dr. Julie A. LaBar
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science / Director Centenary University Center for Sustainability
Phone: ext. 2047
Email: Julie.LaBar@CentenaryUniversity.edu

Dr. James Monks
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: ext. 2322
Email: James.Monks@CentenaryUniversity.edu

Dr. Amanda Tokash-Peters
Assistant Professor of Biology
Email: Amanda.Tokash-Peters@centenaryuniversity.edu

Jean-Pierre Pinto
Instructor of Chemistry/Laboratory Technician
Phone: ext. 2062
Email: Jean.Pinto@CentenaryUniversity.edu