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Our students participate in hands-on research projects that focus on current science issues. Several students had the opportunity to present their research at conferences and symposiums.

Susan Cheng

A Comparison of Predator Avoidance in Three Species of Grass Shrimp

Erika Chu

Interspecific Food Competition between  Three Species of Grass Shrimp

Jacob Mattingly

Examination of the Ecological Consequences, Including Fecundity and Predator Avoidance, of the Palaemon macrodactylus Invasion in  New Jersey Estuaries

Kelly Petersen

A Survey of Digenetic Trematodes Using Physa Snails As Intermediate Hosts

Amy Miller

Heart Rate Variability variations in childhood trauma

Jena Ungarten

Local Adaptation to a zinc nutrient gradient in Daphnia found in New Jersey Lakes

Tess Horvath & Allyssa Parker

Animal Psychology:  Dog Training Research

Nicole Boyer & Lauren Bradshaw

Cognition in Dogs:  Facial Recognition Patterns

Maureen Agnew & Jena Ungarten

Aspects of Conformation in the Horse

John Koury

Evaluation of Natural Products as an Antimicrobial Agent Against Cariogenic Bacteria

Jefferson Jean-Paul & Clerson Xavier

Invasive species of Grass Shrimp from Japan

Sarah Sturges

The Evolution of Bio-Luminescence in Vibrio Fisherii

Kevin Chroback

In-Silico Determination of a Protein 3-D Structure

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