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What is a degree in Sociology?

The formal definition of Sociology is, “the science or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society; the science of the fundamental laws of social relations, institutions, etc.” What does that mean?

Simply put, Sociology is the study of how people live and how they affect the world. Sociology looks at the forces that shape and affect the behaviors of individuals, groups, organizations, and societies. It is a program of study that is adaptable, broad in scope, and able to offer a wealth of career opportunities to men and women of various backgrounds and interests.

Is a Sociology Degree right for me?

A Sociology degree is one that opens doors for a variety of personality types.  When getting ready to attend college it is important that reflect on your own skills and talents.  Think about activities you excel at and what traits allow you to succeed at them.  Do any of the personality traits below sound like you?

The Networker

Do you know tons of people?

Do you enjoy meeting people and seem to always be bumping into people you know?  Perhaps you are on a first name basis with most of your high school or local community.  You probably seem to always have an associate who has the knowledge, skills, or talents another friend needs.  Humans are social creatures and networkers with Sociology Degrees are always looking for ways to connect people to aid in mutual benefits.   You may be headed for a career in organizational management, social network marketing, or benefits administration.

The Advocate

Do you believe in supporting great causes?

Did you find yourself leading the Student Government in High School?  Maybe you are a supporter of local charities, enjoy serving the homeless, or stick up for kids getting bullied on the playground.  You are an advocate, someone who stands up for those around them and believes in the greater good.  Strong management and interpersonal communications skills come naturally to you.  A Sociology degree will help you expand those natural talents.  You may be headed for a Sociology Major job in Human Resources, becoming a Department/College head, or Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

The Confidant

Do you easily relate to others, even strangers, and do they find you trustworthy?

Do you often find that you can easily understand the emotions of others around you?  People probably come to you to help them work through personal problems and concerns because you are well known for keeping secrets.  You are probably a member of a high school youth group outreach program or friend circle.  You are a confidant, someone that other people find comforting and feel safe around.  You can look at problems objectively and talk to people about them while gaining and keeping their trust.  You may be headed for a career in mental health services, adoption services, or crisis intervention.