As the tour continued, I felt reassured that no matter if I went down the business or equine path, I would gain enough knowledge and experience to be successful.


Centenary was originally my second choice for colleges. The more I visited the campus, from Open Houses to the overnight visits where I met my future roommate, I fell more in love with it.


During my college search, Centenary was definitely in the mix. There were a few attributes that stuck out to make it my number one choice. I really enjoyed the tight-knit community Centenary has to offer. Everyone is very welcoming and I felt right at home immediately.


Physically I think the dome is beautiful and when it shines in the light with the flowers and the trees in the quad, that’s my favorite part of the campus.


I’m an English student here at Centenary and I transferred in from Warren County Community College to study creative writing. I would recommend Centenary to anyone.


I study Criminal Justice and Governmental Political Affairs. What I plan to do with my degree is eventually join the FBI. That’s my ultimate goal.


I’m a junior at Centenary. I’m a captain of the IHSA team as well as a member of the ANRC team and a first year leader. I do the Equitation and the Hunters.


I am a sophomore here at Centenary University. I am currently studying Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business Marketing. For fun here, I do a lot with my sorority sisters.


I am a senior Sports Management major at Centenary University. With the internships I’ve done, I’ve had the chance to network with a lot of people from the industry by attending conferences and ultimately bettering my chance of getting a job.


I’m from Denville, New Jersey. I reside on campus and my major is Business Administration with the dual concentration in Sports Management and Marketing.


I am a freshman here at Centenary and live on-campus. I went to Hackettstown which is the high school right next to Centenary. My favorite thing about Centenary would have to be living here.


You have your teammates there for you for anything because they will be living with you not only at practice but also on campus. If you come from a big high school, it’s nice to get a downgrade so that maybe you know everybody on campus.


I’m a computer graphics major here at Centenary. I think my favorite thing about Centenary is the people – the friends that you make and the experiences that you’ll have with them.


I am an English major here at Centenary. My hometown is Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It’s farm county.

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