I’m a junior at Centenary. I’m a captain of the IHSA team as well as a member of the ANRC team and a first year leader. I do the Equitation and the Hunters. The Hunters is judged on the horse and the Equitation is judged on the rider so it’s a lot about making yourself look good as well as the horse and we compete over the jumps and on the flats. It’s very exciting. Our facility is the best.

Our professors are the highest quality. They have so much experience. All of the riders have great experience and it creates this element of comradery which is amazing. It’s really a once and a lifetime experience to be here. It’s an amazing opportunity. We’re very fortunate to have a lot of very nice donated horses.

Some have shown in Europe. Some have shown across the country, in California and Florida. They are just fun to be around and they’re entertaining, awesome and they’re also friendly. It’s just nice to come out and be able to ride with your friends. It’s really just an unbelievable college experience.”

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