While Centenary was originally my second choice for colleges, the more I visited the campus during the Open Houses and the overnight visits where I met my future roommate, I fell more in love. After seeing everyone walking to classes, hanging out in their residence halls, and enjoying their time on campus, I immediately wanted to be a part of the whole experience!

woman sitting on a benchBefore I came to Centenary, I made the decision to join the Cross Country team, which was very unlike me as I never played a sport competitively! From that point on, I decided to push myself to try things outside of my comfort zone. I had a wonderful experience working in Centenary Stage Company’s costume shop. I have been involved with Enacts for the past three years and am now on their Presentation Team. I currently work filming and editing videos and I have an amazing internship with an activewear company, Flow Society! All of these experiences made me the person that I am today, and I am so honored to have had the opportunities Centenary has offered me.

I would love to work full-time as a fashion designer in New York City once I graduate. I feel Centenary has prepared me both academically and mentally. Academically, I learned so much about the fashion industry through lectures and my design studio classes. My professors have been in the industry and it is extremely beneficial to learn through their experiences. Mentally, I have learned how to manage my time and keep my priorities straight. I’ve also learned how to cope in difficult situations and am now able to pick myself back up and keep going.

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