I’m an English student here at Centenary and I transferred in from Warren County Community College to study creative writing. I would recommend Centenary to anyone – fellow students, the people coming up through Warren County before me, other people in any county college, any person looking to transfer or coming right out of high school. Centenary is the place for you.

Small community, in-depth relationships with your faculty and with your friends. Like I said, community, community, community. Little programs are working together to get everyone involved and that’s what you’re looking for. I looked at some schools and they were huge: You have lecture halls and 300 students.

At Centenary University, you’re looking at 10 students in some classes. I had a senior seminar with five students, so it was in-depth. We became so close through conversation, the topics, the knowledge passed down from the professors and the presentations we had to give to each other. So Centenary helps you grow and that’s the point of school.

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