International Admissions and Immigration Assistant

Mr. Marvin Walker currently serves as the College’s Admissions & Immigration Services Assistant. He is the University’s ARO and DSO, and initiates Forms I-20, and J-1 in the SEVIS system for all visiting international scholars and students, and maintains dispositions for them as well. Additionally, he responsible for maintenance of all of the University’s SEVIS files and international student files. Mr. Walker has been with the University since January 2010.

Mr. Walker began his professional career in 1977 as a US Treasury Customs Special Agent (criminal investigator) subsequent to graduation from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Mr. Walker progressed through various journeyman stages as a Customs Special Agent in field offices in New York City; Newark, New Jersey; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana, and (Headquarters) Washington, D.C. in both the offices of Investigations, and Internal Affairs. He specialized in investigations of traditional and non-traditional organized crime, narcotics smuggling, money laundering, frauds against the revenue, foreign production of child pornography, material support for terrorism, weapons smuggling and technology (military/civilian dual use weaponry), intelligence and source development, conceptualization and compliance with integrity maintenance standards, and the conceptualization and execution of long term covert operations. He was also a firearms instructor and certified in the service of high risk search/arrest warrants. Mr. Walker returned to New York City from DC Headquarters in September 1997, where he was the deputy special agent in charge (principal field officer-GS-15) of the office of investigations at John F. Kennedy International Airport until January 2006.

Mr. Walker’s professional development included participation and teaching of related law enforcement tradecraft and management seminars at in-service seminars at various police academies within the US, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center at Glynco, Georgia. He is a graduate of the US Office of Personnel Management’s Senior Executives Seminar in Charlottesville, Virginia as well as a Senior Fellow at the Harvard College/University John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

With the formation of the US Department of Homeland Security in March, 2003, the US Customs Service’s Office of Investigations and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service’s Office of Investigations were merged to form the DHS Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The primary emphasis of the newly formed agency was apprehension of criminal and terrorism related aliens within US jurisdiction. Mr. Walker was a senior liaison officer (supervisory special agent) in the Office of the Special Agent in Charge, New York, from January 2006, until his retirement in January 2010.

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