Study Away Requirements and Application Process

Students applying to study away must have a 2.5 minimum GPA and no alcohol violations for one year prior. Students may study away the 2nd semester of their Sophomore year, either semester of their Junior year, or the 1st semester of their Senior year. The following documentation must be provided before being scheduled for an interview with the Study Away Review Board.

  1. A completed application
  2. An official transcript – will be obtained by the study abroad coordinator
  3. A 500 -1000 word essay articulating why the applicant wants to participate in an international experience, how the experience abroad will meet the needs of the applicant’s degree requirements, and how the applicant will benefit from the experience abroad both academically and culturally
  4. Professional resume
  5. A copy of the proposed program of study at the destination school/location that was developed with the academic faculty advisor
  6. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s faculty advisor articulating how the international experience will meet the academic requirements of the applicant’s degree program, and why the advisor feels the applicant is a good candidate for an international experience.
  7. A letter of recommendation from a full-time faculty member attesting to the applicant’s academic ability in an international setting
  8. A personal interview with the Study Away Review Board


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