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How to Access Your Proxy Account Setup

Download the PowerPoint presentation or read instruction below

  1. To Authorize a User to view your bill and/or make payment online:
    Log into your my.Centenary account, click on “My Billing Ledger”, then log in again or if you have access go directly to http://selfservice.centenaryuniversity.edu. Click on the “Student Finance” box.
  2. On the top right next to your name, click the down arrow and select “View/Add Proxy”.
  3. On the next page, click the down arrow next to the words “Please Select”. A choice of “Add Another User” will appear. Click on “Add Another User”.
  4. The Person Proxy form will appear on the next screen. On the form, you must complete any items with a red star *.
  5. Once you have entered the Proxies information, you must select the access you wish to give the proxy to “Student Finance”. If you check the “Select All” box. The Proxy will have access to view billing “Account Activity” and “Make a Payment”. Or you can choose not to “Select All” and they below check the box next to the access you wish to grant – “Account Activity” or “Make a Payment”.
  6. Please read the “Disclosure Agreement” which explains your FERPA and that by checking the box “I authorize the institution to disclose my information to a third party” you are granting Centenary the right to release the information in the boxes checked to that third party.
  7. Next click the search button. The system will search to see if the Proxy you have added already has an account in the system. If the person does not have an account, one will be created. You will receive a message to that effect, then click the “Continue” button. If the person already has an existing account, that account will be set up as a Proxy. You will receive a message to that effect, then click the “Continue” button.
  8. A screen will appear showing the active proxy you have created. You give access to your account to more than one proxy. Just follow go back to step 3.
  9. At any time you can edit proxy information or remove a proxy by clicking on the “pencil” icon on the “Active Proxies” page.
  10. Your proxy will receive two emails. One will contain the proxy’s user name and a link to log into the student billing system. The second email will contain the proxy’s password. When the proxy log in for the first, he/she will be required to change their password.
  11. For questions regarding billing activity or assistance in making an online payment, the proxy can contact the Student Billing Office at 908-852-1400 ext. 2245.