IRS W-9S/1098T Information

If you have not provided Centenary University with valid Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (SSN or TIN), the University requests you complete IRS form W-9S.

IRS regulations require the University to annually request a student’s SSN/TIN.  Federal law requests the student to furnish a SSN/TIN, so that it may be included on information filed to any Federal agency by the University.  A student failing to furnish their SSN/TIN may be subject to individual penalties by the IRS.  Nonresident aliens are exempt from this request.

Complete the following fields in the top section of the IRS form W-9S: Name (please print), Address, City, state, and ZIP code and in Part 1 enter your SSN/TIN, then sign and date the form.

Return only page one of the form:
  • In Person to the Student Accounts Office
  • By US Postal Service to Centenary University:
    Attn: Student Accounts Office
    400 Jefferson Street
    Hackettstown, NJ 07840
  • By fax to 908-813-2632.

For security reasons, DO NOT EMAIL the information or attached the W-9 form to an email.

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 provides tax benefits for the person and their dependents, who pays higher education costs. The University is required to submit IRS form 1098T to any student who has been billed for qualified tuition and related fees.  The University must file a form even if you, the student, fails or refuses to provide a SSN/TIN.  For more information regarding Tax Benefits for Higher Education, please consult IRS Publication 970.

However, the University is not required to file an IRS form 1098T for:

  • A student whose entire Qualified tuition and related fees were waived or paid for with scholarships, grants, or awards.
  • Nonresident aliens, unless they have provided the University with a SSN/TIN. Nonresident aliens are not eligible for the tax credits unless they are married to a US citizen or resident , or unless the student becomes a resident alien for US tax purposes during the year.
  • Noncredit courses in which a student is enrolled.
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