Payment Schedule

A student’s account is expected to be paid in full on or before the date due. Centenary utilizes paperless billing. Paper bills will not be mailed.  Billing information is found in the student Self Service portal. Late fee’s up to $300.00 will be assessed for missed payment deadlines for full-time students.

HEALTH INSURANCE WAIVER – All traditional full-time undergraduate students for Fall 2023 will be assessed a health insurance fee in the amount of $3,112.00.

To waive this fee, you MUST COMPLETE the Insurance Waiver Form on the Student Health Portal by August 7, 2023.  Missed deadlines will result in mandatory participation in the University Student Health Insurance Plan.  *As a reminder, this waiver form must be completed every year by all new and returning undergraduate students.

*As a reminder, this waiver form must be completed every year by all new and returning undergraduate students.


Traditional Terms: Full-Time, Part-Time, Graduate, and Doctorate

1st Due Date
1st Late Fee
2nd Due Date
2nd Late Fee
2023SU1 04/18/23 $50.00 05/09/23 $25.00
2023SUO 04/18/23 $50.00 05/09/23 $25.00
2023SU2 6/13/23 $50.00 07/05/23 $25.00
2023FA 08/08/23 $150.00 09/05/23 $150.00
2023FA (Less than 11 credits)
08/08/23 $50.00 09/05/23 $25.00
2024SP 12/14/23 $150.00 01/16/24 $150.00
2024SP (Less than 11 credits)
12/14/23 $50.00 01/16/24 $25.00

Accelerated Terms

1st Due Date
1st Late Fee
2nd Due Date
2nd Late Fee
SU23A 04/18/23 $50.00 05/9/23 $25.00
SU23B 06/13/23 $50.00 07/05/23 $25.00
FA23A 08/08/23 $50.00 09/05/23 $25.00
FA23B 10/10/23 $50.00 10/30/23 $25.00
SP24A 12/14/23 $50.00 01/16/24 $25.00
SP24B 2/21/24 $50.00 3/12/24 $25.00

Billing Notifications:

Bills are available electronically (e-Bill) through the student’s self-service portal by clicking on the “Student Finance” box, then “Account Activity”. Click on “View Statement” on the upper right hand side to print a detailed bill.  Students should review their account activity periodically to confirm that a change or adjustment has not been made creating a balance due.

Students who will be residing on campus and have been assigned a room will see their Room & Meal Plan costs on the Account Activity screen. Students who have indicated they will be residing on campus and do not see housing as part of their bill, should contact the Residence Life Office.

Prior to each due date, a reminder Email notification will be sent to the student’s Centenary University email. Monthly reminders will also be sent to the student’s email account until the balance has been paid.

Click here to review VA Pending Payment Compliance

Important Note:

Students must notify the University in writing if they plan to withdraw.  Non-payment of tuition & other charges, non-attendance in classes or notification to an instructor do not constitute appropriate notification of withdrawal or cancellation. A student who fails to withdraw or cancel officially waives the right for consideration of any refunds.  Please see the Refund Policy Page for more information.

The University reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion.

Outstanding/Delinquent Balances:

If term balances are not paid, students will not be able to register for future terms, receive grades or transcripts until the balance is paid in full. If an account remains delinquent, the account will be placed with a 3rd party collection agency. The student will be responsible for all past due charges as well as collection agency contingency fees (up to a maximum of 50% of the delinquent account balance), late payment penalties, reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and the account will be reported to the credit bureau.

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