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Dear Students and Families,

We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented pandemic. We explored many options as we sought to develop a fair and equitable process for issuing credit for room and meals. Over the next two weeks, a credit will be posted directly to each student’s account who has paid for room and board.

The Calculation

  • Students who vacated their residence hall on or after March 16 due to the transition to distance learning will be eligible for a per diem credit adjustment based on the date they left campus. Students who remained in Centenary housing for the full semester will not receive a credit.
  • The credit amount will be adjusted if the student received institutional assistance (Jefferson Grant) greater than the cost of tuition and fees, because the Jefferson Grant paid for some or all of the student’s room and meals. Students who have received the Jefferson Grant to assist with room and board expenses will have that aid adjusted.
  • Should there be a balance due on the account at the time the credit is issued, the credit will be applied toward the balance. Any remaining credit will be disbursed or applied toward a future semester.
  • Graduating students: Credits will be applied to all student accounts as described above. Any remaining credit above and beyond a balance due will be refunded directly to the student beginning May 15, 2020. If a student’s account balance is zero at the end of the semester, they will receive their full calculated credit as a refund.
  • Returning students (anyone who has yet to complete degree requirements): Credits will be applied to all student accounts as described above. A credit balance can remain on the student’s account to be used toward payment of future tuition, fees, room and board, or a refund for the credit balance can be requested. If a student chooses to apply this credit balance to the fall 2020 term, they will receive an additional 10% credit towards that future balance.
  • All students: A credit balance can also be waived as a way of helping the University and other students during this unprecedented situation. This “re-investment” is something that we understand not every family may be able to do during these challenging times. Therefore, we are asking that if your family can help by waiving the credit, or even a portion of it, and donating to the Centenary Fund our collective support will help ALL of the students move forward and continue with their educations at Centenary. We are facing an uncertain future together and need each other now more than ever. Thank you for your consideration of this request and we wish you and your family all the best.

The Process

  • To provide instructions on how you would like your credit treated, please complete this form by May 22, 2020. If instructions are not received by this date, the credit adjustment on the account will automatically be applied towards future semester charges.
  • Requested refunds of valid credit balances will be processed via check. A check will be prepared in the name of the student and mailed to the home address beginning May 15, 2020. Students should verify or indicate if the address is different from the address on file.

If you have questions, please email the Student Accounts Office at studentaccounts@centenaryuniversity.edu

Room and Meals Credits FAQ

Who is eligible for this credit?

Only those students who have actually paid for room and board will be eligible for a credit. RAs whose room and board fees are paid by Centenary will not receive a credit for those fees.

Do I need to complete the form to receive credit?


How was my credit calculated?

Room and board credits were calculated based on the last day a student was in the residence and dining halls. Students who were awarded a Jefferson Grant, will have their award adjusted accordingly. Please see examples below:

A student in Smith Hall that purchased the 19-meal plan and left the premises March 16, receives a room credit of $2,030.95 and a meal credit of $867.93. Their spring Jefferson Grant was $500, and they did not have any balance due. The calculation would be as follows:

Current Balance $0.00
Room Credit $2,030.95
Meal Credit $867.93
Total Room & Board Credit $2,898.88
Jefferson Grant Adjustment ($500.00)
Final Credit to Student's Account $2,398.88

Will I receive a credit or check if I owe a balance to the University?

Any available credit will first be used to pay off account balances owed. If funds are available after balance has been paid, you may use them as credit towards your fall 2020 account, make a donation to the Centenary Fund or receive a check.

Why is my Jefferson Grant being reduced?

Each student pays a different amount to Centenary depending not only on the room and board options they chose, but also depending on what University grants they receive, and what portion of their total costs were covered by Centenary to begin with. The Jefferson Grant is determined by the total cost of attendance which includes room and board. If there are no charges to room and board or charges are reduced, the Jefferson Grant is recalculated accordingly.

What is the deadline for submitting my form for Room and Meals credit

Friday, 22 May 2020

If I donate my credit to the Centenary Fund, how are the funds used?

The Centenary Fund provides immediate, flexible resources that make a direct impact on the student experience, including through scholarships and financial assistance. Through their gifts, donors fund bold learning initiatives that create extraordinary opportunities for Centenary University students.

Your unrestricted tax- deductible gift to The Centenary Fund is used in the fiscal year in which it is donated. This provides the University with the greatest flexibility to strategically allocate funds where and when they’re needed most. Gifts of all sizes are important to advance Centenary’s mission to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

If I decide to take the credit, can I request a check at a later date?

Yes, but if you decide to receive a check at a later date, you will lose the additional 10% credit towards your fall 2020 account.

I have a commuter meal plan, what are my options?

You can donate to the Centenary Fund, receive a credit plus an additional 10% credit on your account to be used in the fall of 2020 or you can receive a check for the unused balance remaining on your account. You must submit the request form by 22 May 2020.

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

Please send an email to StudentAccounts@CentenaryUniversity.edu. The office staff is working remotely, but will return your email as soon as possible.