When you enroll in RVCC – Centenary Path to Transfer program, you’re considered a Centenary University student from your first year at community college. You’ll have access to the same academic and career services as Centenary students. In addition, a Centenary advisor will work with you to ensure that the RVCC courses that you’re completing will apply toward your Centenary University degree as well.

After your RVCC graduation, you’ll continue your studies at Centenary University to earn your bachelor’s degree. It’s a seamless transfer process with lots of benefits, including an additional scholarship.

Financial Benefits

You will receive a Path to Transfer scholarship that will reduce your tuition to $15,000 annually once your associate’s degree is conferred. In addition, you may also be eligible for the Recognition Scholarship for graduating with your associate degree at RVCC. You may receive federal or state grants based of FAFSA qualifications.

Students who attend only 1 semester in an academic year will be eligible for ½ of the annual amount.

How to Apply for the Path to Transfer Program

Prior to earning 30 credits at RVCC, students must complete the Intent to Transfer Form.

While attending RVCC, you are encouraged to meet with a Centenary University faculty advisor to facilitate a smooth transfer. During your final semester at RVCC, you must complete the Centenary University application and provide the required documents for admissions.

You must also provide a final official transcript with your degree conferred in order to receive the benefits of this program.

While you’re at RVCC

  1. Watch your degree grow!! Ask RVCC to send your transcripts to your enrollment counselor as you complete each semester and view your progress towards your Centenary University degree.
  2. Get involved at Centenary: Contact your Centenary University enrollment counselor to learn about campus activities!
  3. Reach out to your Advisor.  Make sure you meet with your Centenary University advisor each semester to get the most out of the program.

Students from RVCC are allowed a maximum of 66 semester credit hours, which may be transferable to any Centenary University baccalaureate program, to the extent that they are applicable to a particular program.

Starting @ Centenary

  1. Application – Complete your Centenary University application and submit all required documents for admissions.
  2. Deposit – During your last semester send your deposit to hold your spot and register for your classes.
  3. Register – Call Transfer Admissions at 1-866-696-8106 to schedule an appointment.

Confirm your enrollment by submitting a deposit. Commuter students should submit a $100 enrollment deposit, and resident students should submit a $300 deposit ($100 enrollment deposit, plus $200 housing deposit).

After submitting your deposit you’ll be able to register for classes for the upcoming semester. An enrollment counselor will meet with you personally to review your degree sequence and plan your courses. While you can register any time before the start of classes, we recommend completing this step as soon as possible to ensure that there is plenty of space in the courses you wish to take.

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