The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is a "leader and linchpin in the higher education system's effort to increase diversity."

EOP Mission

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Centenary University provides underserved students the opportunity, not only to earn a higher education degree, but also gain the soft skills necessary for a successful and fulfilling career by providing academic, social, and financial support.


Students who meet both New Jersey and Centenary University eligibility requirements are invited to join EOP. In addition to a five-week summer enrichment program, EOP provides educational initiatives, support services, counseling, and co-curricular and leadership development opportunities throughout a student’s Centenary career. These programs encourage integrity, critical thinking skills, academic rigor, community engagement, and financial independence.

& Why

EOP believes in each student’s potential for success and is committed to upholding Centenary University’s high standards for a private liberal arts education. With diverse backgrounds and a proven willingness to work outside of their comfort zone, our students and alumni are uniquely positioned to contribute to the campus and culture of Centenary University, both today and in the future.

group of eop members and family posing on stone staircareHow EOP Will Benefit You

The EOP is based on a successful learning community model. The program has intense cooperation among staff, faculty, and administration with many student-directed activities.

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) provides eligible students with a support system that includes:

  • A 5-week Summer Enrichment EOP (required) that prepares you to succeed before your first semester even begins
  • Assistance in planning courses
  • Weekly progress check-ins
  • Leadership development
  • Career counseling and connections
  • Personal and academic counseling
  • Private tutoring
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