Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Centenary University will move to online instruction for the remainder of the semester, per executive order by NJ Gov. Murphy.

Fundraising is a great way to supplement the budget the Student Government Association is giving you each year. Fundraising is the sale of products, the solicitation of donations, the collection of dues, the charge of admission, or any other means of collecting revenue. Each Student Government Association recognized club or organization must run a minimum of one (1) fundraiser per semester.

Groups seeking approval for fundraising activities must print and complete a Fundraising Request Form and submit it to the Student Government Association a minimum of three (3) weeks or 15 business days before the fundraising activity is scheduled to begin. If the fundraiser you are requesting to do is also a program, you must submit both a Program Proposal/Funding Request Form and a Fundraising Request Form at the same time.

Approval for fundraising activities will be granted to student clubs and organizations that:

  • Are officially registered with the Student Government Association and are considered active
  • Do not serve or support partisan political purposes or activities
  • Are open to all individuals regardless of race, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Enhance the University’s mission and core values

University facilities are not to be used for personal gain by individual students or organizations. Personal gain is defined as the sale of goods or services or the sponsorship of any fundraising activity on University property by any individual or group that is intended to improve the personal financial status of any person or group of persons involved in the sponsorship of the activity.
Fundamental to this definition is the premise that funds raised on University property are to be used to expand the educational and recreational opportunities for recognized clubs who raise funds on campus, or for legitimate community service activities, and not to financially subsidize any individual’s person’s interests or needs.

All fundraising activities are subject to the following regulations:

  • Permission shall not be granted for products and services that conflict with the institutional values of Centenary University. Examples of prohibited products include. But are not limited to alcohol, and pornographic materials.
  • The club must pay, in advance, any pre-established fees for venue, permit, equipment rental, and other direct costs.
  • Funds raised must benefit a recognized club or a bonafide charitable organization. The VP of Clubs & Organizations can be of assistance when determining the legitimacy of a charity.
  • The University reserves the right to investigate financial records of clubs that have been allowed to raise funds to determine if the funds are being used for the purpose for which they were raised.

Fundraising in the residence halls is also subject to restriction of housing policies or hall policies relating to location or procedures. All fundraising events that are conducted in the residence halls must be approved by the Assistant Director of Residence Life. Approval of fundraising events in the residence halls will be confirmed with Residence Life by the VP of Clubs & Organizations prior to being approved by the Student Government Association.

As funds are acquired, all proceeds must be deposited into the club’s university account immediately. If the Business Office is closed it is the officer and advisor’s responsibility to deposit the funds the following business day in the Business Office. Accounts can be created for individual clubs with the Accounting Department. Once funds have been deposited into the club’s account through the Business Office, it is the responsibility of the club to provide proof of deposit to the VP of Clubs & Organizations, as well as a printed Fundraising Report within 48 hours of the end of the fundraiser.

Students and advisors may not carry or store funds in their offices, book bag, rooms, or anywhere that is not a safe or deemed appropriate space by the Student Government Association. Within one day of collection, students/advisors are responsible to deposit all proceeds to the Business Office.