After a club’s Program Proposal/Funding Request has been approved, the VP of Clubs & Organizations, as well as the business office will contact the club contact via email. All funds and Tax Exempt Forms can be picked up from the business office at the time and date specified in the email from them.

All funds and Tax Exempt Forms received from the business office are for the purchasing of program related items only. Any and all receipts and change totaling the amount of funds originally given to you must be returned to the business office no later than the time/date given to you. Copies of the receipts should also be given to the VP of Clubs & Organizations to keep on file. If stores return the Tax Exempt Forms to you, they should also be returned to the business office with the receipts and change. Since Centenary University is tax exempt, if you do not use a Tax Exempt Form and pay tax for your purchases, we cannot reimburse you for any tax amount and it will be the responsibility of the person making the purchase to repay the tax. Centenary University has its own purchasing policy, and it may be found here.

It is the responsibility of each club to be familiar with this policy and abide by it at all times. If you are found to be misusing fund and/or Tax Exempt Forms, the Student Government Association Executive Board and Advisor reserve the right to revoke your funding privileges for any amount of time.

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