Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Centenary University will move to online instruction for the remainder of the semester, per executive order by NJ Gov. Murphy.

Should a club or organization not meet the requirements set out in this manual during one (1) semester, the club or organization’s president and advisor will be required to have a meeting with the VP of Clubs & Organizations to create a plan for the next semester.

During the following semester, the club/organization’s funding will be cut in half and they will be required to do one (1) extra community service event, totaling three (3) community service events in that semester. If the club or organization does not meet the requirements for a second semester in a row, the club will then be considered inactive and will receive no funding from the Student Government Association until they can prove that they can follow the requirements of an active club.

To prove that a club/organization can follow the requirements of an active club, they must host two (2) programs, participate in two (2) community service events, complete one (1) fundraiser, and attend 100% Inter-Club Council Meetings. Should a club/organization meet the requirements stated above during a period of inactivity, they will regain active status while being under a close watch of the Student Government Organization Executive Board and Advisor.

To be considered and active club or organization under the Student Government Association, clubs and organizations must:

  • Submit a Club Registration Form, Advisor Agreement, Club Code of Conduct, and Club Manual Agreement
  • Host a minimum of two (2) campus-wide programs per semester
  • Participate in a minimum of two (2) community service events
    a. One (1) community service event must be off campus in Hackettstown
  • Complete one (1) fundraiser per semester
  • Have 100% attendance at all Inter-Club Council Meetings
  • Have a meeting with or check in via email with the VP of Clubs & Organizations
    a. Whether there will be a meeting or check in via email is at the discretion of the VP of Clubs & Organizations
  • Participate in the Involvement Fair and any other events the Student Government Association deems mandatory

A club/organization may be disbanded completely at the discretion of the Student Government Association Executive Board and Advisor for a variety or reasons. Should a club be considered inactive for two (2) consecutive semesters, or continually misuse funds, the club/organization will be disbanded.