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About the Cyclone Card

The Cyclone Card is the official campus identification card for all Centenary University students, faculty and staff members. It is required for all active members of the Centenary University community.

Rights and privileges associated with the Card are contingent upon the cardholder’s status as a student, faculty member, staff member or other person affiliated with the Centenary University community. The Card is valid so long as the cardholder is enrolled as a student, employed as a faculty or staff member, or otherwise affiliated with the University as set forth in the Terms and Conditions.

Persons applying for issuance of the Card must present a government issued photo id such as a passport, civilian or military identity card, or driver’s license.

The initial Card is issued at no charge. A replacement will be issued for any Card reported by the Cardholder as lost, stolen or damaged. A fee of $10 will be charged for the issuance of a replacement Card.

The Card will bear the name of the cardholder as it appears in the records of the University. In the event of a change of name that is recorded in the records of the University, a replacement Card will be issued at no charge.

The Cyclone Card is non-transferable and should not be loaned or given to anyone else for any purpose. Please keep it secure and do not expose it to electronic or magnetic devices, chemicals, or excessive water. Any damaged, lost, or stolen card must be reported immediately and replaced at the Student Accounts Office.

Cyclone Dollar Information

Centenary Cyclone Card

The Cyclone Card is now the medium for Cyclone Dollars, which can be used for purchases on-campus and at off-campus participating merchants, such as the campus Dining Hall and Food Services. As a holder of the Cyclone Card, you may have up to $350 deposited in your Cyclone Dollars Account at any one time.

There is no fee for use of the Cyclone Dollar Account. No cash withdrawals are permitted from the Cyclone Dollar Account. You are responsible for all charges to your Cyclone Dollar Account, including charges made using a lost, stolen or borrowed Cyclone Card.

A Cyclone Dollar Account is established by the deposit of funds to the Cardholder’s Account by or on behalf of a Cardholder. By making a deposit into a Cyclone Dollar Account, the Cardholder agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions governing Cyclone Dollars.

The Cardholder may obtain a historical statement of the prior 90 days activity online.

Deposits to Cyclone Account

Deposits may be made by Visa, Master Card or Discover Card online or at the Student Accounts Office during normal business hours. The minimum deposit by credit card is $20.00.

Deposits by cash or check may be made at the Student Accounts Office during normal business hours. Deposits by cash or check may be made in increments of $5.00 up to the maximum balance of the Account.

The Guest Deposit screen will allow only non Cyclone card holding persons to make a deposit to a Cyclone card holder’s account, with a credit and/or debit card bearing the Visa, MasterCard and /or Discover card logo.

For a guest deposit you will need to enter the Cyclone cardholder’s first name and last name and ID number, as they appear on the card. Contact the cardholder if you do not know their Centenary University ID number.

The First Name and Last Name verifies the EXACT name as printed on their Cyclone Card. Please check with your student how this information is printed on their ID card.

Participating Businesses

Mama’s and Café Baci

260 Mountain Avenue
Hackettstown, NJ 07840


225 Mountain Avenue
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Rite Aid

Store #10429
203 Mountain Avenue
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Questions or Problems?

If you have any questions regarding the Cyclone Card, or if you experience any problems with it, please feel free to contact our support representative at: or (908) 852-1400, ext. 2291.

All business related questions should be directed to the Student Accounts Office at (908) 852-1400 ext. 2245

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