Centenary University, historically related to the United Methodist Church, offers students an ecumenical campus environment within an overarching concern for supporting our students’ spiritual values.

Centenary University Pastor Tim Nicinski

Timothy Nicinski – Centenary University Chaplain

Centenary University’s Chaplain is Tim Nicinski. His office is located in Student Life in the Seay Building. He encourages students to drop by his office for visits. He is glad to assist students in participating in worship both on and off campus as well the student led campus faith groups.

About the Program

The Campus Ministry program at Centenary is designed to work with all students regardless of their religious background. The program emphasizes cultural pluralism in an interfaith context. This program coordinates all Centenary ministry activities and provides students with off-campus activity information, including local places of worship information. Programs, Bible Study and weekly worship are part of the campus ministry activities.

Centenary University welcomes students of all religious denominations. Centenary students are invited to worship in any of the churches of Hackettstown. Within walking distance of the campus are a Roman Catholic church and churches of the major Protestant denominations. The Jewish Community Center in Washington also welcomes students. The Chaplain’s office is always willing to help students who desire to find a church of their denomination.

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