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9 Benefits of a Graduate School Education

December 2017

Why graduate school? This is a question that many of us may contemplate as we consider the impact further education can have on our future endeavors. Whether you are seeking a new career path or are looking to advance your skills within your current profession, graduate school has a series of benefits that can take you to the next level.

Here are the top 9 benefits of a graduate school education at Centenary University:

  1. Expands career opportunities: Within your current field or a new career.
  2. Intellectual exploration and development: Graduate school can help your overall cognitive development, as you are intellectually stimulated with more knowledge.
  3. Professional Development: Furthering your education enables you to be up-to-date with new research and findings within your field.
  4. Skill Development: Faculty will provide you with new tools as well as build on your existing skills, which can then be applied to your daily work.
  5. Recognition and credibility: Obtaining a graduate degree makes you more credible within your career and in turn increases your recognition as a working professional.
  6. Potential for promotion: Earning an advanced degree could qualify you for higher positions within your field of work.
  7. Financial gain: There is potential to earn a higher salary.
  8. Career change: Earning a graduate degree can also provide a gateway to a new career.
  9. One step closer to a doctoral level: After you receive a graduate degree, you will have the opportunity to go on to and receive a doctorate.

I was a student who was on the fence about getting a graduate degree, but I ultimately decided to further my education at Centenary because the classes were extremely convenient and could be built around my busy lifestyle. Classes are offered in multiple formats such as in-person only, online-only, or a combination of in-person and online.

Centenary is the type of institution that delivers a high-quality education and focuses on preparing a pathway for each student’s future. I learned a lot from experienced faculty members who have been highly successful in their fields. Graduating in 2016 with my Master of Arts Degree in School Counseling paved that pathway for me as it opened many doors, afforded me various professional opportunities, and most importantly, allowed me to do what I truly enjoy.

If you are interested in learning more about Centenary University’s graduate programs, check out our graduate admissions FAQ page, and contact graduateadmissions@CentenaryUniversity.edu or 877-236-4723 to discuss the next steps to earning your graduate degree.

— Danielle Cappitelli
   Graduate Enrollment Counselor

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