Student Health Requirements

All students attending classes on any Centenary campus are required to complete certain health documents. The health office requires students to complete online forms. While a physical exam is not required, certain vaccinations are mandated:

  • Two doses of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines
  • Three doses of hepatitis B vaccines
  • Up-to-date tetanus vaccine
  • Two varicella vaccines
  • Meningitis vaccine

A TB test is required for students at risk for tuberculosis.

Students should complete all health requirements on the online STUDENT HEALTH PORTAL which can be accessed at:  Students log in to the portal using their assigned Centenary username and password.

In addition to forms, students must upload a copy of their official vaccination records.  Students who fail to complete the insurance waiver form and provide insurance information will be enrolled in the student health insurance plan and will incur a charge for the plan.

Students who fail to comply with health requirements will have their accounts placed on a hold, which will affect class registration and access to transcripts and grades.

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